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About TEMPRA InsurancePlus3.Com

At TEMPRA InsurancePlus3.Com, we understand how overwhelming it can be to navigate the world of financial planning and insurance. Without trusted guidance and easy to understand advice, it’s hard to feel confident in your financial future. We seek to address this concern by serving as a trusted retirement and insurance planning resource. We work to minimize our clients’ risks while educating them on their health insurance choices- throughout their lives and especially in retirement.

We are an independent insurance firm assisting clients in retirement and all insurance planning. We specialize in income and insurance planning and enjoy working with small business owners, high net worth individuals, and those passionate about pursuing their goals.

Our unwavering commitment to your best interests is at the core of each recommendation we make. You deserve to work with a nancial advisor who is dedicated to helping you reach your goals and has a specialized understanding of your insurance needs.

Based in Nashville, TN, we work with individual clients throughout the state and businesses (benefits and retirement) throughout the country. We invite you to contact us today to learn more about how we can help you build, protect, and preserve your wealth.

What many employers don’t know is that by having TEMPRA INSURANCEPLUS3 as their insurance advisor- the cost of insurance is typically reduced and always monitored. We are paid directly from the insurance companies and take no money from the consumer. TEMPRA ensures that our clients needs are met in a personalized fashion. We get to know our clients, their businesses, and their employees. Adding personal attention will help us provide the best strategies at the lowest prices. By doing so, this saves money for the business owner and employee.


Who cares about employers? And who really cares about an employers' employees? Do the families of the employees even exist?

We looked for this answer for decades. One day, sitting in the hospital waiting room- these questions and the need for the solution were more pronounced than they had been. No one had the answers. No one seemed to care. There was a lot of shoulder shrugging and unresolved problems. Papers, insurance cards, and toll free numbers. Still no resolution.

At that moment- TEMPRA InsurancePlus3 became THE ANSWER.

Our primary goal are to ensure that benefits are affordable, effective, portable, promote employee retention, and take care of employees if they become ill, disabled, retire, or pass away. We know that this kind of coverage is not free, but, it is also not expensive. We also know that some of this coverage does not cost the employer any money, but, will be the best and most important decision that an employer can make. Employers must know group benefits are incredibly important to their potential and current employees. This is one of the key factors that is taken into consideration when people choose their employer. It is incredibly important that they and their families are well taken care of. Benefits are the key to Employer Legacy Building.


Employers do not have the time or expertise to research healthcare, study benefits, answer healthcare questions from employees, or to know when they truly have the best insurance company or product. They also do not know how to explain to their employees 'how the coverage did not work or could have worked better'. There is no understanding of COBRA or how to properly transition through the different phases in life: Medicaid, Disability, Catastrophic Illness, Retirement, Medicare, Family Extensions, etc.

Why should an employer focus on employee benefits when they should be focusing their time on improving or managing their business! Fortunately, TEMPRA InsurancePlus3 is the solution.

Get to know us as we earn your trust by providing your best solutions that help everyone don't leave you with a headache. Until now, you have been uneducated and over spending. It is time to grown your business, your pocket, your image, and your employees' quality of life. Become apart of the TEMPRA family today!

"You worked for it.It’s our job to help you keep it." ~Tempra

Individual and Family Health Insurance with Federal Subsidies

Individual and Family Health Insurance with Federal Subsidies

Shop online for an affordable individual & family HMO or PPO plans.

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Individual and Family Health Insurance without Federal Subsidies

Individual and Family Health Insurance without Federal Subsidies

We have a large variety of low cost Individual & Family HMO or PPO plans on the private market.

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Dental Insurance Policies with Federal Subsidies

Dental Insurance Policies with Federal Subsidies

Shop Online for an affordable Individual & Family HMO or PPO dental plan.

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Dental Insurance Policies without Federal Subsidies

Dental Insurance Policies without Federal Subsidies

A health smile starts here with low premiums and great coverage.

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